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 Rapid Authoring Tool

Start designing and delivering
 media rich learning experiences
 right away with Claro's easy to
 use web based authoring
 and publishing system. No
 software 2 buy or download.
 We provide a secure affordable
 hosted system so you don't
 have to worry about software
 set up or IT configurations.
 Spend your time thinking about
 your content, not about using


 Mobile Ready HTML5

 compliant content Claro
 publishes to standards
 compliant HTML, JavaScript,
 and CSS taking full advantage
 of HTML5 when supported by
 a device’s browser, and
 intelligently adjusting for older
 browsers that do not support it
 And Claro comes complete
 with layout themes for smart
 phones and tablets to help you
 get started quickly. Mobile
 courses designed in Claro
 support the full range of
 assessment and development


Welcome to IESI Canada


  International e-education and training Services Inc.IESI based in Canada, delivers innovative e-Learning
  services and solutions worldwide. We provide multilingual e-Learning rapid authoring system and interactive
  multimedia e-classroom.
Our Rapid e-learning Authoring Features include:

Ø    Web-based, programming-free authoring with familiar, intuitive interface,

Ø    More than 100 fully editable interactive e-learning and m-learning templates to jump-start
yourproject and get the creative ideas flowing,

Ø    A library of more than 5,000 high quality royalty-free characters and images to personalize
and enrich the learning experience,

Ø    Advanced authoring features such as wizard-based customizable testing, practice questions,
image editing, full content reuse (media elements, resources, glossary terms, references,
andlearning objects), flexible interaction and animation creation, audio/video recording and
editing, screen capture and screen video recording, bibliography and glossary creation,

Ø    PowerPoint wizard for point-&-click conversion of slides to online learning,

Ø    Media Library for uploading, storing, tagging, searching and tracking images, audio, video,
FLASH and other multi-media content,

Ø    Workflow and collaboration tools (including screen sharing) with robust tracking and reporting capabilities,

Ø    Publish content anywhere - online, third-party LMS, desktop, performance support training
and smart phone or tablet (IOS, Blackberry, Palm, Windows and Android) with HTML 5
compliant content and

Ø    Fully SCORM, AICC, Tin Can, PENS and Section 508 conformant - offering future-proof
compatibility with existing and emerging content standards.


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 Claro dominKnow's award
 winning rapid content authoring
 and LCMS platform. Claro is
collaborative e-Learning and
 m-Learning creation.
 Claro is web-based authoring
 and publishing platform designed
 for teams of instructors and

MeetingPlaza is a total solution for live interactive multi-user audio-visual multimedia communications with cutting edge document sharing tools.
All you need is a standard headset and a web camera to get started now.



IESI is e-Learning and training gateway. Its the one stop resource for streamlined technology based live online distance learning?
IESI is the nation's most inclusive Arabic/English company and organized resource for deciding where to get e-training.

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